The Bradys at the Hope Lodge in New York CityHaving raised $9,000 during the first Walk for the Cure, the Foundation invited a member of the American Cancer Society to meet to determine the best use of the money. The Brady boys were emphatic that their mother would have wanted the money to be used towards something meaningful. The Cancer Society invited the Bradys’ to Hope Lodge, a beautiful building in New York City where cancer patients who are being treated at area hospitals may stay free of charge.

The boys remembered the sacrifice their father had made in driving their mother daily to and from New York hospitals and immediately asked if it was possible to sponsor a room at the Lodge in Carmie Brady’s name. To do so would require a pledge of $100,000, to be paid at $20,000 intervals over a five year period. Mr. Brady offered to cover the shortfall for year one with a withdrawal from his pension and pledged that they would raise $20,000 for an additional four years at the Walk for the Cure. The Foundation is proud to report that they have lived up to their commitment for the fourth straight year in honoring their pledge to Hope Lodge. The Brady Bunch is now 500 people strong and growing each year. The Trustees and Advisors of the Foundation have made plans to go to Hope Lodge to cook dinner and provide entertainment for the patients on April 20th. If we get enough volunteers, we hope to make this a monthly event.

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