The Carmie Brady Foundation, Inc is 501c3 charitable organization that was founded in 2007 in memory of Carmie Brady.  The foundation was established to assist the families of seriously ill children.  Through our fundraising efforts, money raised goes directly to support these local families to alleviate the enormous financial burden endured under these unfortunate circumstances.  With the help of so many volunteers, donors, local businesses, and friends, the Carmie Brady Foundation has already given hundreds of thousands of dollars to families in the northern Ocean and southern Monmouth Counties.

We are very proud of the fact that we have raised almost $500,000 and helped close to 60 Families in eight years.

  • The Carmie Brady Foundation is run 100% by volunteers.  There are no salaries paid, no rent paid, etc.  Our events are a great success due to the donating of time and gifts from so many, including our bands, bagpipe band, local merchants, etc.   Because we are a purely volunteer organization, we can ensure that all of your donations go to these families in need.
  • The money given to these families has no strings attached.  The families are not forced to use this money to pay doctor bills.  Some of these families are faced with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.  The money given to these families from the Carmie Brady Foundation can be used for whatever the family wishes:  trips to Disney, video games, home renovations to accommodate medical issues, or any other expense that will help alleviate the stress or that will simply put a smile on a child’s face.

The primary event is the Super 50-50 which will be drawn on April 7, 2016 at Farrell’s Steak and Stout,   Broadway, Pt Pleasant Beach NJ.  This event takes the place of the Annual Fundraiser that was held  on the boardwalk each year. We have changed the fundraiser in order to keep in line with our desire that all monies raised will go to seriously ill children. To purchase tickets, please mail your Name, Address Phone number and email address along with a check for $100 to PO Box 91, Manasquan, NJ 08736.

For the past few years, Gerard’s Liquors in Pt Pleasant has run a fantastic wine tasting in January.  This is a fantastic event which sells out every year.  The Stephen’s family runs this event on their own and donates all proceeds to the Carmie Brady Foundation (upwards of $15,000).  Again, all of this money goes directly to these families in need.

The Carmie Brady Foundation also partakes in the ACS Strides Against Cancer walk in October.  This is the one day a year that the money raised does not go to these seriously ill children.   The money raised by our team at the walk goes directly to the ACS Hope Lodge in NYC.  Our team has already accomplished donating a room at the Hope Lodge in Carmie’s name for $140,000, which was been raised over the years.  The money currently raised will continue to go to support this wonderful building.  The Foundation has pledged to dedicate a mosaic window in the name of the Carmie Brady Foundation to honor all of your support. We have also purchased a mosaic window in the name of Carmie Brady to honor all of your support